NAME: Elaine Arnott
AGE: 65

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1. When did you join Just Fitness?

September 2016

2. Why did you join Just Fitness?
I have osteoporosis which means my bones are very brittle and prone to breaking. I broke my femur which necessitated surgery to insert rods in both femurs. After 5 months of physiotherapy, I seemed to have reached a plateau and I was getting discouraged. I felt I had to take it to the next level if I was going to regain my mobility and independence so I signed up for one-on-one training at Just Fitness.​

3. What programs have you done at Just Fitness?
I worked one-on-one with Kent who developed a program specifically to address my needs and limitations. We worked on strengthening my legs, core and upper body. ​

4. What results have you seen because of joining Just Fitness?
When I started my training at Just Fitness, I was completely dependent on a cane to walk even short distances. Now, I no longer need my cane and can walk over 2 km without difficulty. My legs are stronger, my core is stronger and this has improved my balance. Good balance means I'm less likely to fall and break another bone.​

5. What have you gotten out of being a member at Just Fitness that you weren’t expecting?
Without trying to sound too dramatic, Just Fitness gave me back my independence. Because I'm stronger, I'm more confident and able to get out and enjoy life as I used to.  ​

6. What were your 2016 goals and did you meet them?
My goal when I joined Just Fitness was to simply be able to walk safely with less dependence on my cane. That goal was met and exceeded. ​

7. What are your 2017 goals?
My 2017 goal is to improve on the level of fitness I achieved in 2016. I want to do more weight training which will improve my bone health. ​

8. What is your favourite workout?
Mostly I liked seeing my progress. I liked rowing longer; using a lower box for the box squats; doing more repetitions, working with progressively heavier weights; adding new components. Every session I could see an improvement. ​

9. What is your favourite “treat” meal?
I didn't set out to lose weight so I wasn't on a specific diet. I was generally healthy before I broke my leg and have always tried to eat a fairly healthy diet. But I have to say, I do love honey garlic spare ribs.  ​

10. Do you have a motivational message for others?
You're never too young or too old to start.  Fitness is a very personal journey. It's not just for athletes.  It doesn't have to be painful. You don't have to look fab in spandex. You just have to want to improve yourself to the level you want. A desire to improve, some hard work and a lot of dedication will get you there. The first step is the hardest but it's well worth it. ​