Fighter Fit; Get Fit without Getting Hit

Fighter Fit is a bootcamp style class taught by National Low-Kick Kickboxing champion and MMA fighter, Drew Kirizopoulos. 

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and MMA Fighters are the ultimate athletes. MMA, boxing and kickboxing fighters must have strength, speed and stamina. To be successful, these athletes must have amazing conditioning with power, quickness, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility. This is that bases of our Fighter Fit class. 

In our Fighter Fit class, you will learn kickboxing and boxing fundamentals, practice pad work, hit heavy bags, and learn self-defense. You will then train your conditioning with a high-intensity fitness training session, geared toward becoming a well conditioned fighter.

This class is open to all levels from complete beginners to top athletes.

These are instructor lead classes that will have you burning calories and gaining functional strength and agility. This routine will spare no muscle group, giving you a complete full body, heart and lung workout.

Classes are Monday and Thursday from 5:15pm-6pm.