Warrior Built Coach, Bootcamp trainer, Personal Trainer, Expert in Diastasis Recti​

Inemesit began training in 2013 after giving birth to her second child. Perplexed by why her belly would not flatten despite losing all her pregnancy weight, she eventually discovered she had a condition known as diastasis recti, the separation of the abdominal wall caused by pregnancy (though it can also be a  result of excessive weight lifting, poor posture and sudden and extreme weight gain). Despite the belief of many that the only solution was surgery, Inemesit decided to explore the option of exercise first. Through proper and consistent core training, she was able to heal her diastasis recti naturally, reducing the gap from a 7 finger separation to a 2-3 finger separation, and restoring core function. 

​This journey revealed to her passion for pre- and postnatal training.

Inemesit is certified through ISSA and Canfitpro, has an Advanced Diploma in Postnatal Assessment, Core Restore and Functional Exercise Programming through Burrell Education and an Experts in Diastasis Recti certification through Bellies Inc.

Inemesit loves to work with mothers to help them discover the strength and beauty of the female body.



  • Canfitpro PTS
  • Advanced Diploma in Postnatal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming
  • Experts in Diastasis Recti
  • Certified First Aid & Level C CPR