2. Why did you join Just Fitness?
I had heard about Just Fitness and the type of workout, and was curious. By chance I met Scott at the spring trade show. We talked about the types of workouts and community at the gym. I needed a change in my life. I was busy, and while I was playing hockey, I was not in shape. My schedule was crazy, which led to bad eating habits, and I wanted to take control of my health. I had tried typical gyms several times before and was gung-ho for a little while, but lost interest due to repetition and lack of motivation. The variation in the programming at Just Fitness keeps it interesting and challenging. ​

3. What programs have you done at Just Fitness?
I've been in the Warrior Built program, after completing a few personal training sessions. These were really helpful because they gave me an orientation to the gym and to the Olympic lifting, which is something I had't done before. Now it’s one of my favourite things.​

4. What results have you seen because of joining Just Fitness?
I’ve made some terrific gains in lifting, hitting personal records that I didn’t think I was capable of. At the same time, my cardio fitness and endurance has increased a lot and shows in my hockey game or during the longer workouts at Just Fitness.​

1. When did you join Just Fitness?
I first joined in May of 2014. I took a break for several months over the winter of 2015/16 and lost all of the gains I had made. I came back in April 2016, and since coming back I’ve realized all of the hard work that I let slip away. This time around I have been 5 days a week, every week and am loving it.​

5. What have you gotten out of being a member at Just Fitness that you weren’t expecting?
I wasn’t expecting to want to go to the gym as much as I do. The workouts are varied, some days they are quick and intense, and others are longer and require pacing, but they are always challenging. There is a real sense of community and motivation at the gym because everyone is doing the same workout at their own pace, so there is shared accomplishment, even though you are competing against yourself.

6. What were your 2016 goals and did you meet them?
I had a couple goals in the summer, to bench press 225lbs and deadlift 430 lbs. Both of which I accomplished. I also had a goal to go to the gym 5 days a week. Weekends are busy with family, so I planned to go weekdays at lunch. I missed only a handful of days and went on the weekends at times when I could. I hadn’t set specific goals for any of the “board” workouts, but I did manage to get on the board for one, and was very close for a couple more.​

7. What are your 2017 goals?
In 2017 I will bench press 250 lbs, deadlift 450 lbs, lose 15 pounds, hit the gym 5 days per week, and get on the board a couple more times :)

Age: 45
Profession: Director of court services

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8. What is your favourite workout?
Good question. I really enjoy the summer workouts that involve running and lifts, but they are all good. I just wish I could do double-unders better, then they would all be great (work in progress).​

9. What is your favourite “treat” meal?
Homemade pizza and wings!​

10. Do you have a motivational message for others?
Just go! And keep going. The results will come and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier.​