8. What is your favourite workout?
Gotta be the "beach workout"; Bench day followed up by a 10-12 minute shoulder, arms and chest workout.​

9. What is your favourite “treat” meal?
Royal Pizza in Edmonton- Meatlovers!! Good thing there isn't one here. ​

10. Do you have a motivational message for others?
Don't think you can't ... you definitely can. Everyone has a starting point. Life Change Level 1 gets you moving and shows you that you can do these workouts. Level 2 increases your workout intensity, but a a pace that is manageable, and before you know it, you realize you can do it! ​

Photo shoot with Angela Gzowski

Name: Stu Impett
Age: 44

Profession: Local Businessman
Gym Nickname: "Rhino"

Memeber feature

1. When did you join Just Fitness?
I started at Just Fitness May 2016​.

5. What have you gotten out of being a member at Just Fitness that you weren’t expecting?
I did not expect such a strong community feel. No matter how much you can or can't lift, or how many reps you can or can't do, everyone at the gym is encourage and supportive. We are all in it together.  

6. What were your 2016 goals and did you meet them?
My real goal for 2016 was to lose some weight and start feeling better. I have to say I surpassed my goals and I can't believe how much more I accomplished. ​

7. What are your 2017 goals?
My 2017 goals are to beat my current personal bests, keep losing weight and keep up to my peers! My real goal is to make sure I am setting my 2018 goals at the same time next year. 

2. Why did you join Just Fitness?
I am in my 40's and I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids. I drive a desk all day and needed more physical activity than just 2 nights of hockey a week. I was the typical dad that works, and coaches hockey, and did not get time to focus on my own physical fitness. ​

3. What programs have you done at Just Fitness?
I started in Life Change and now I'm in Warrior Built. I completed Level 1 and Level 2, and I was a in Warrior Built Lite for a short period, before moving up to Warrior Built.​

4. What results have you seen because of joining Just Fitness?
The most obvious change is the weight loss that I've had, but my strength has also increased dramatically. It increased to a point where I was surprised how much I could lift. I've also noticed a change in my body shape... for the better!