Our Young Warriors is for youth ages 13-16 years old and runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3:50-4:30pm at a monthly membership of $65 a month. 

Teenage obesity is becoming an epidemic! According to the Canada Health Measure Survey (2010)

  • Over 26% of children and youth are overweight
  • 60% of Canadian youth do not get the required daily physical activity for optimum growth and development
  • 93% of children and youth are not meeting Canada's physical activity guidelines

This program is geared towards getting today's youth fit and active and is designed for any type of teen. Whether your teen is an extreme beginner or a competitive high performance athlete, we have two trainers on hand, Kent and Scott, to help develop plans for every need.

Young Warriors will introduce youth to proper fitness and training techniques and grows on this by working on strength and conditioning, designed for sports and athletics. Whether or not your child is an athlete, this type of training is ideal for weight loss, fat burning and strength building. 

Most organized youth sports are speed, acceleration and strength based (hockey, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball/softball, track & field) where the majority of activities involve short bursts of movement followed by full or complete rest, with some having a bit more speed endurance focus (soccer, lacrosse). With this program, we focus on just this. Strength, agility, high intensity and intervals.

By focusing on the right exercises early, kids can improve athletic performance, build coordination, fight obesity, and gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence. 

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